Ribbon Road lyrics

Dales Poem


And it's the loving that's hurting
it's the broken-hearted railway
shouting ‘never coming back'

And I wish I was in Donegal
or somewhere deep in Wales
where there's singing in the valleys
and the fiddle plays ‘til late

Here the streets named to remind us
of the fools that took us down
I drive along Middlewood Avenue
to get back into town

And every day the knife goes in
I wish that I could swallow
but I cannot get me breath and choke
the memories hollow out me chest

And what am I to do
I'm paralysed, I close me eyes
it's the loving that's hurting
it's loving that lives
if only they would understand
I wouldn't be like this


Words and Music - Brenda Heslop 2019 (Ribbon Road Music)

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