Ribbon Road lyrics

Ill Walk in Paradise Again


I rode the trains, I rode the trains
from Witton Park
I went to school and back again
those were the days, those were the days
it was the centre of the world
and we were friends

I went to church, I went to church
every Sunday, every Monday
to meet the girls
and it was life, it was me life
among me cousins and me neighbours
and the strife
The chimneys were enhancing
the red dust kept on dancing in the sun

It was nice, mebbe not so nice
the biggest iron work in Europe
the pay was good, just like it should be
the working Welsh and Irish drinking beer at night

And it was wild, oh it was wild
as the West
you had to watch your back and smile
but there was kindness
and there was care
it was a hard love
and we were there

Paradise was glowing
the river kept on flowing in the sun

We had the Blues, we had the Blues
the Bishop Auckland football team
and me and you
we were proud, we were so proud
in Wembley Stadium winning
rattling in the crowd

We were daft, oh we were daft
we were the best
well, us and Crook
and we could laugh
we had wor football
and Jonty Raine
If I had a choice I'd do it all again

I was dreaming when we won
I'm still dreaming in North Bitchburn in the sun

Then I was lost, oh I was lost
they said they had to knock it down
because of the cost
they stopped the trains
pulled up the track
they made it so we never would be back

Of course they lied, how they lied
they refused to make it easy
so some of us died
they didn't care, they had no heart
we were hurting and we were there

Still I hear the trains go past
and I can still be daft
I know this is the end
someday I'll walk in Paradise again


Words and Music - Brenda Heslop 2019 (Ribbon Road Music)

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