Ribbon Road lyrics

Why Do I Cry


Sung -

Why do I cry? Why do I want to die?
Why don't I go on home?
Why do I remember?
I can't forget
the place I used to call my own

What is there to hold me
except my lovev just like me mother told us -
there's not enough of it
what is there to do but break my heart
when I think about the careless love

Spoken -

I remember when I was young and they were old
they moved us from Witton Park to Woodhouse Close
and I remember all the crying
from the children and the dying
of the broken-hearted people losing home

You can't believe they'd do it
ships of fools sailed right on through it
with their visions and their doubtful empty dreams
and I remember wondering
through the lightning and the thundering
does anybody listen - do they feel?

Sung -

Why do I cry, it was years ago
they'd put me back in prison
just for saying so
they hated us then
now they don't want to know
How far must we go?

So why do I cry over hearts of stone
why are we so crowded
and still so alone
everything is kept and hidden in a cloud
and they're dishing out their careless love
they're dishing out their careless love

Spoken -

We had good company, we had our friends
we had our neighbours to borrow and lend
we had our football, we had our songs
our gardens, our pigeons, our rights and our wrongs
and you took it all
yes, you took it all
your great good intentions put paid to us all

Sung -

What is there for me, everything is clean
it's a dog-walking, people-talking
grassed over green
there's photographs and films
of how it used to be
this train passed me by

But why do I cry
why does it hurt me so?
I have to cry
there's nowhere else to go
If you don't love me
then leave me alone
and don't weigh me down with your careless love

Spoken -

I remember watching trains go puffing past
I was writing down their numbers at the station by the tracks
The world was big and open and my heart was young and full
with Bradshaw's Guide beside me, the passion had begun
but it didn't take them long to close it down
I remember all the jobs lost in the town
I looked along the tracks and it was never coming back
and all I can do is pass it on

And the broken road to Shildon's running down to Shildon shops
where it's all in a museum and where working lives are stopped


Words and Music - Brenda Heslop 2019 (Ribbon Road Music)

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