Ribbon Road lyrics

The Tightrope

There is a knowing in the night
a reaching out you understand
a woman's heart I cannot find
I'm just a man and I am blind
and when you hold me in your arms
I stumble in the dark
don't know what it's hidden from
the mystery of a woman's heart

There's a knowing in your eyes
like tear-stained stars and windy skies
and though I gaze the dream right through
I'm still a mystery to you
and when I hold you in my arms
you are silent, I'm disarmed
then what am I to do, I am lost in loving you

There's a knowing in the words
unseen, unbidden and unheard
there's a sorrow weighs me down
within the truth that I have found
so hold me in your arms
you are silent, I'm disarmed
And I'll try to understand
to love a woman takes a man

© Copyright: 2000 Words B. Heslop/ Music: G.Heslop
(RibbonRoad Music)

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