Ribbon Road lyrics

The Leaving

Leaving you I loved so well
the living hell
the wild and windswept, heathery fell
all I loved
The living and the beating breath
all through life to death
each warm and empty soul
all you I loved

The rain upon the window pane
the rain of tears through loss and gain
I only knew the shame
of you I loved
The sun that glazed the summer month
that eased an ache inside
and always must deceive, corrupt
within it's short-lived pride
all I loved

And all I love now lies as dust
as only aged remnants must
and in my dreams I'll drift no more
my soul is faint, my heart is sore
My memories I leave to you
I'm leaving, finally it's true
gather them upon the beach
the pink and silver shells
each one I loved

Words: Brenda Heslop: Music - Geoff Heslop
Copyright: 2004 Ribbon Road Music

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