Ribbon Road lyrics

The Stars Look Down on Horden

Things are bad now
Things are sad now
It brings a feeling over me
I've been happy all me life here
Now I live on memories
Me daughter tells me I should leave
But I'd be lost without me heart
Me future's here where pigeons feed
And I'd be lost without me heart

There's a voice cries in the night
I count the stars until it's light
They're setting fires off in the yard
But I can't leave, it breaks me heart

The streets of Horden lie so quiet
Houses leaking in the rain
And no-one mends them
And no-one listens
There's no ending to the pain
I ring the council again
There's been a fight at No 10
The police are at the door
There's trouble out there at 24

There are lights on still in Horden
And I'm dreaming in the dark
And the moon shines on the water
Silver linings break me heart

There's a railway but no station
Every day trains come and go
Where the pit was there's a wasteland
To remind us who we are
But I won't tell you and I won't say it
We've breathed the dust and work was hard
We had wor pride, I try to save it
They broke wor backs, I hide me heart

There's a sunrise every morning
Reaching down for you and me
It's a hard one in the morning
Loving Horden by the sea


Words and Music - Brenda Heslop 2017 (Ribbon Road Music)

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