Ribbon Road lyrics

She Walks Through the Rain

She walks through the rain in Rochdale
Like a queen in a foreign land
With beautiful skin of caramel cream
She's taking her children's hands
She's calling this place her home town
Her mother's across the sea
She keeps to him only, she's married and lonely
She's a lot like me

She lives in the streets of Rochdale
Sometimes you can see the hills
In the rain they're all shining like her silver lining
She covers her head and the pain
She moves with her friends through this town
Like everyone has to do
She tries for the future and fights the computer
She's a lot like you

There's the best fish and chip shop called Habi's
There are books and the radio plays
It's not easy, but she seems to manage
She learns English and keeps to the faith

Down by the canal in Rochdale
Past the railway and under the trees
She walks in the sun when the wok is all done
‘cos everyone needs to dream
She's longing for peace and plenty
With argument far away
That time couldn't hold her
She could cry on his shoulder

It's a brand new day

She walks through the rain in Rochdale


Words and Music - Brenda Heslop 2017 (Ribbon Road Music)

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