Ribbon Road lyrics

Waving Like the Palm Trees

Waving like the palm trees back home
I'm waving to the distance I know
I'm lonely for my family
I'm lonely ‘cos there's only me
The days are long and the nights are slow

Outside on the edges I hold on
I'm not allowed to work or to belong
The things I say are thrown away
And this is not a holiday
The sun won't shine, I'm only half alive

And if I close my eyes and dream
Then peace would come and I'd be free
My neighbour would still talk to me
And I would live in harmony with you

I live within my means in Stoke on Trent
The roof above my head was heaven sent
When I become a refugee
They'll take it all, look down on me
I long for home and how it used to be


I take the bus to Burslem and I smile
To be with friends around me for a while
Where kindness chases fear away
And love can light the darkest day
A jubilee is waiting there for me

Chorus I put away my broken heart - I try
I turn away from hurting days - I don't cry
I search to find the better times
I look for hope to make it mine
I want to live, I've got a lot to give

Shining like the brighter sun back home
Climbing up as high as I can go
Sometimes I fall before I start
But that's the way with broken hearts
Across the sea, will they remember me


© Words and Music - Brenda Heslop 2017 (Ribbon Road Music)

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