Ribbon Road lyrics

My heart's eyes


My heart tells me, my cat helps me
Stars are looking down
Maybe someday, Friday, Sunday
I'll get there somehow
Broken scattered on the ground
Leaves like lives are turning brown
Don't look down
See through my heart's eyes

Frightened, worried
Confused, awake in the night
Put down, lonely
Hurt, humiliated

Words go by me like the wind
It's whistling down the street
Quiet with my pen I fly
But I've no wings, just feet
Someday I'll unlock this door
Somebody will ask for more
An open door
See through my heart's eyes

Fixed, tied
Messed up, hiding inside
Hoping, knowing
Silent, staying alive

I am young and I keep smiling
Someday I'll be me
It's on the tip of my tongue but I am shy
And no-one seems to see
Side by side just as you please
On this shelf like chalk and cheese
Smile for me
See through my heart's eyes

My heart's beating, my cat's sleeping
Stars are looking down
Maybe sometime, Autumn, Springtime
I'll get there somehow
I'll get there somehow

It's a sunny tomorrow

Tomorrow's my day

Words and Music - Brenda Heslop 2017 (Ribbon Road Music)

© Brenda Heslop 2017

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